igLoader – Easy Way to Get Your Game Demo Online Without Java or Flash

igLoader is a neat application that can get your game demo online without need to use Flash or other web programming language. You just purchase the kit & go online. It was actually quite fun to see igLoader to embed a web browser inside igLoader… and browse another igLoader site inside igLoader… makes your head spin.

This is what the developer mentioned at indiegamer boards:

Our product, igLoader, works with Firefox, Opera, Netscape and IE. It’s incredibly simple to use, we have lots of satisfied customers including miniclip.com, who are in the process of moving all their old ActiveX games to igLoader. The latest version allows you to embed movies/music/flash or even complete HTML pages as the game downloads; perhaps giving your customers a flash mini-game to play as the game “proper” downloads.

The author continues:

All the igLoader commands for network and embedding control are native to the language. A leading Basic manufacturer have adapted their latest software to integrate properly with igLoader (not official yet, still beta).

I think the igLoader stands out with these features:
– It works with different browsers (you need the small plugin – similar to Flash, but smaller file size)
– It doesn’t require (almost any) additional programming, the game you have is automatically converted into a webversion. No Flash coding, no additional graphics making, no (almost) nothing!
Price: about 60 bucks per title – compare to the price of transporting your game to Flash/Java and getting it to web…

The author uses it at their game site cloverleafgames.com, some indie developers use it and I know Miniclip.com (the big game portal) uses it. Can’t be that bad.

As mentioned, the application costs about US$60, and there’s a free development edition available at their site. To find out more, and to download the development edition visit www.igloader.com.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Steev: The pricing has changed since May 2006 ;) But anyway, I’d suggest contacting Tim about igLoader. I’m sure he is willing to arrange deals that fits all parties.

  2. 60 bucks per title? Where did that figure come from? The website says $600 per title – which completely changes this from being really cool to absolutely 100% not worth it.


  3. Hi Nate,

    We lock down the application delivery and launch through the use of encrypted archives and server-side license files. It’s just not possible to download and launch a game or application with igLoader that is not licensed or has a revoked license. In addition to this the next release contains an application sandbox that will prevent any application that is not whitelisted by our servers from using filesystem IO and registry query/editing commands.


  4. I have to wonder, what sort of security issues can be introduced through this? Does it work the way I think it might — by essentially running the Windows application then displaying it through the browser? Is any application playable through this, or are there some features (such as file reading/writing) disabled?

  5. “A leading Basic manufacturer have adapted their latest software to integrate properly with igLoader (not official yet, still beta).”

    I guess they’re talking about Dark Basic Pro from The Game Creators. It’s igLoader compatible in the latest version.

  6. Whoooooaaaaaa. I just tried out a sample game at Cloverleaf Games. Man, that’s incredible.

    The game that I tried out even ran perfectly smoothly.. but I wonder if that’d be the case with all games? I wonder how igLoader works– does it emulate the Windows API, or does it somehow tell the user’s computer to run the application, or is it something else? If it’s the case of emulation, then more intense games would likely cause slowdown. If not, then sweet. My point is that I’m curious as to whether or not igLoader games have a decreased performance (and, if so, how much of a decrease?).

    Another one of my concerns is the popularity of the igLoader plugin. Games using it will have one small problem that Flash games won’t: users might be overly cautious (or lazy) and decide “Nah, I’m not going to download and install the plugin just for this one game.” Hopefully, igLoader will become very widespread in use so that end-users become familiar with it.

    Anyway, this software is amazing and the price is a nice deal. I’ll bookmark the page for now…

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