Challenge #3: How to Make Your Game Sell More

This time bit different challenge… I want to challenge you readers to show a game you are selling and then all participants can suggest hints & tips on how to improve the sales of those games. The hints can be suggestions about improving website, changing gameplay, adding new visuals, giving more info… anything that comes to your mind.

If you want to announce a game, please give the following information:
– Website
– Download link
– Optionally details like conversion rate or promotion methods you are currently using.

Just comment on this entry and let others know about your game – and get more sales.

Yesterday, I announced that Pre-Ordering of Edoiki will be made available. If you have no game to announce, feel free to give me your suggestion on how I could get more people to pre-order the game.

Good way to think about the improvements is to ask: What would this game need so that I would purchase it?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @JP: I checked one of your games (elephant game) which was very nice, so I don’t think there’s any problem with the games you develop.

    I think your biggest improvement could be achieved by making website changes. The information is bit scattered all around your site, so it’s difficult to focus on some specific issues.

    I would suggest to check out some website layouts (how buttons are placed, where links are, how content is displayed) and making improvents for your site based on that. I recently found tv.com which has quite nice layout even when there’s lots of stuff. Maybe you could have bit similar site (in terms of positioning buttons).

    – Put headline & links on top…
    – make smaller logo
    – have “game of the day” right in the front page
    – maybe change font?
    – etc.

    Look what others are doing, and try to get a good idea for yourself. If you lack ideas – consider purchasing a website template (like from templatemonster.com)

    In terms of revenue:
    – I definitely suggest trying different positions for ads. I placed ads to my site and by merely switching places & link colors I could improve the revenue. (the two top ads on this site work very nicely). Test what works for you.
    – I would also suggest using only text ads… they seem to work better than images (at least for me)

  2. I develop free games in flash and java, the revenue only comes from the visitors. My goal is to have as many visitors as possible. There are about 20,000 visitors a day for now but it’s not enough to live with the revnue, which is my goal.

    My website : http://www.pepere.org/flash-games_1/

    My last game : http://www.pepere.org/flash-development_1_3x/flash-game-soccer-challenge_u_46.html

    My games : http://www.pepere.org/flash-games_1_x/

    The games of pepere.org members : http://www.pepere.org/flash-development_1_3x/3xFlash_h_.html

    I think there are many default to my website and games. Note that a big part of its interest is based on the community. The other interest is based on the games I develop. It’s a very weird website that has not a strong conception, all modules have been added with the needs.

  3. CENDOR:

    1) To prepare for the future… make sure the cutpage redirects to the game website (not so that user needs to click)

    2) Fix grammar.

  4. @ Vincent Mysliwiec
    My first thought was that the feature list is pretty short at 3 items.
    I don’t know how hard it would be to dig up something to add… Thats my two cents ;)

    And, very nice site you have there!

  5. Oh, cool. I’ll add those things. I think I might make a little page on my site for the game expansion and any other things I do so that’s useful to know.

  6. Thanks for the helpful feedback. I found your advice very useful and am going to make a number of changes if not all of them. If you or anyone else has further advice please don’t be a stranger!


    Website: I checked the game website and think it’s okay. I would have some ideas on how to improve it though.
    (1)I believe the shopping cart doesn’t look trustworthy. I would be afraid to give my credit card number there :) I believe solid verification info and “powered by” statements could enchance the credibility. I would also consider changing the font to something else (like ‘verdana’).

    (2) Why don’t you set up a ‘money back guarantee’? I believe giving people 30 or 60 day money back guarantee can be the factor whether somebody wants to purchase or not.

    (3) I couldn’t find your game from google, I searched for ‘Dark matter’ and ‘dark matter game’ and came to this page… which is not your game, but someone elses – with same name.

    (4) I believe you need to do some shareware site submission. Promosoft or swtracker can help you with these. There’s also some people offering site submission services which might be helpful. Getting your site to hundreds of shareware sites will enchance your game ranking in google thus making it easier to people to locate it.

    (5) I couldn’t find your game at download.com. Get it there, now :)

    (6) You also haven’t conducted a press release. Sign up to indiegamebusiness.com (for free) and make an announcement about your game.

    (7) Reviewing the 3 phase business plan for underpants gnomes could be useful as well.

    Demo: couldn’t find much to comment, but here are some tips.
    (1) The installation folder might annoy somebody (see item #3). Some people might prefer ‘Dark Matter’ as the group name instead of ‘Big Toe’.

    (2) You could add nag screen after the player presses ‘exit game’ button.

    HL2 Expansion – The Escape

    I presume you need HL2 to play this game? Unfortunately I haven’t got the game so I cannot test this.

    I didn’t get the impression that you were selling the game expansion at all… if you are selling it then the first step would be to make it obvious for people. If it’s free – make that obvious as well. Game/expansion requirements (like – does it require HL2 to work?) would be good to note as wel.

  8. I just released my game expansion for HL2 called The Escape. You can download it at


    It’s in the first post.

    I’m actually not really doing much for it in promotion. I’m just giving the levels I made away but I just posted it today. If you have HL2 and like singleplayer, might want to play it. Pretty fun single player.

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