GameProducer.net Visitor Statistics

I use Awstat and Webalizer to see the visitor statistics. The problem with tracking users is the different ways these programs measure traffic.

According to Awstat gameproducer.net has traffic is been like this:
– January, 6590 unique visitors, 73393 page views
– February, 6257 unique visitors, 108395 page views
– March, 6703 unique visitors, 132726 page views
– April, 8262 unique visitors, 132847 page views
(Total unique visitors: 27812)

Webalizer gives the following information:
– January, 7388 unique visitors, 65922 page views
– February, 8213 unique visitors, 100767 page views
– March, 9929 unique visitors, 122405 page views
– April, 13866 unique visitors, 126967 page views
(Total unique visitors: 39396)

I don’t use Analog in anything else but to compare the results. According to Analog there has been 33500 unique visitors in January to April. The average of Awstat & Webalizer figures is 33605 uniques. I don’t have the knowledge on how these different analyzers measure traffic, but it seems to me that Awstat is more strict than Webalizer when analyzing the visitor data. I’m still waiting to get Google Analytics to measure my site. It’s basically Urchin that Google bought.

Anyway, the current data gives the message that the site is growing.

Another way to measure site statistics for me is Technorati. At May 8, the GameProducer.net technorati rank is 32,295 (208 links from 66 sites).

I get you more numbers in the future.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Scott: Now there’s just the puzzling Analog to think about. Although that makes sense – where do you know this piece of information from?

    @Paul: There are limits to tracking, but these statistics programs can analyze unique readers and number of page views which you can use to measure traffic.

  2. I always find visitor counts hard to judge because is anyone actually reading and does it track it on a per file basis or is it per page rendered or unique user? They never seem to be clear on how they work.

  3. It is my understanding that awstats ignores robots and spiders such as google coming to search your site. I normally prefer to use the awstats numbers over the webalizer numbers because it feels to me more like a real person has visited.

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