Don’t Underestimate the Impact of External Issues

We – and our office – moved to another location and it took almost a week before the network connection started to work. The new cable connection was said to become available within 2-3 days and I had reserved 4 days for it. It took 6 days before the network connection started to work again. I had made 2 promises which I needed to fulfill. I promised to update daily and I promised to send my article to Gamasutra within 4 days.

Moving to another location took more resources and time than I had expected and now I didn’t manage to keep those 2 promises. I’m writing this post afterwards and I’m posting the article to Gamasutra.

I know that being tired and not having network connection are reasonable excuses, but in the end: they are just excuses. I knew I had to move, so I could have written more entiers beforehand and I could have simply tell Gamasutra that I get back when the move is over. There are plenty of different things I could have done to prevent this risk from happening. In this case, the impacts of the delays are not financially big ( will continue update daily and no financial losses has happened, Gamasutra’s future is not shouldering on my article). But, I personally believe in keeping promises and now that failed. If you cannot trust somebody on small issues, how could you trust them on big issues? I want people to trust me on small and big issues.

Now it’s time for me to learn and catch up.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Underestimate the Impact of External Issues

  1. “If i knew that I will fell, I would lay down” :P
    You can’t plan the fate! ;P You can plan only things that depends on you, and only you, and it’s the only case when you may blame yourself. Every other person in your plan is a probability for “human factor” to show up ;P

  2. Cool, forest rulez ! :)

  3. @Ville: Far away from the noisy centre… to peaceful forest. ;)

  4. You are a great guy. That’s what I’ve been thinking when reading this blog. We not only need more game producers like you but people in general.

  5. Where did you guys move to?

  6. Naturally. Some issues just are bigger than some others, and sometimes stuff happens again and again… and again ;)

  7. Its good that you’re learning from your misjudgements, but don’t beat yourself up over it. Stuff happens…