Router Configurations

In our previous office I used DSL connection and could have 2 computers using the same net through a simple DSL modem. Secret Game Project – Edoiki – worked fine without problems.

After relocating the office I needed to purchase a new router and couldn’t get Edoiki connection to work. I have never installed a router, and knew nothing about configurating them. Luckily it’s better to hire people that are smarter than you and one friend of mine kindly adviced me to get the router to redirect calls to computers.

The router configuration screen explains it:

Virtual servers can be used for setting up public services on your LAN. A virtual server is defined as a service port, and all requests from Internet to this service port will be redirected to the computer specified by the server IP. Any PC that was used for a virtual server must have a static or reserved IP address because its IP address may change when using the DHCP function.

I configured the router to redirect calls to my computer, and now the network code in Edoiki is working fine again. Problem solved. (Edit: And naturally you need to take care of the system security: use firewall or redirect only certain port calls that are needed. Thanks Matt for giving this reminder.)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @gilzu: Thanks for the link. The reason why I got a router was not the security, but to get 2 computer cable connections working. Your link will come handy then..

  2. I agree with Matt, running DMZ to a computer should be your last try after everything had been tried before.

    The whole security advantage of a router, is that no connection will ever be made unless you initiated it, or specifically opened a port for it. This way, your firewall doesn’t need handle and identify any unneccessary calls.

    try out this site: http://www.portforward.com/
    its full with explanations and configurations for every known program.

  3. @Matt: I have firewall software running on my computer. I haven’t (yet) take the time to learn about the firewall that comes with the router. Very good that you brought this up – as it was natural for me to block windows file sharing & use firewall I simply forgot to mention it. Thanks.

  4. That really isn’t recommended. It would be wise to only redirect the ports that are required for the Edoiki, otherwise you’re just opening your computer up to the outside world. For example, ports 137-139 & 445 are used for Windows file sharing (TCP via NetBT or straight over TCP). With no firewall or some mistake in configuration, you’re computer and it’s files/other resources will be open to abuse.

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