Basic Marketing Plan For Indie Games

My first GamaSutra article Basic Marketing Plan For Indie Games is now online as Cover Feature.

The article uses Edoiki game’s marketing plan as an example and goes through the following steps:

* Goals
* Distribution
* Product
* Promotion
* Website
* Demo
* Measurement
* Maintenance
* Refinement

I presume most of gameproducer.net readers know GamaSutra already, but for those who don’t know GamaSutra I recommend to check it. It’s a great resource for games production, their website title says “The Art & Business of Making Games” – that’s what it’s all about.

Now, go on and check out the marketing plan article.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. i shoot my self if u already got preorders while ‘only’ having a promo concept art
    and a description of the game!
    Good article and I hope a guy who i am working with now will read it :)
    its a shame he made a 3d action rpg put it on some german shareware sites + his own site (www.dark-design.de) and
    got 0 sales since 01.03.2006.
    I think his story will be good for an article on ‘how not to do it’…

    anyways i will watch the progress with edoiki hope u post some statistics
    on how the plan became $.

  2. @Dark Moon: It’s real goal. It might seem like a lot – but if you look at sales stats for games such as Democracy you might notice that it’s doable. Bearing in mind, that half of it should come from direct sales and rest through other sources. I believe it’s doable.

    @Scurvy: Thanks for the hint. I’ve also got one promotion email from All Star Radio Networks. They are doing a service where they will announce games through radio… and let players download & buy the game directly through radio station’s website. They’ll propably send me more information about their offering, but it sounded like a doable opportunity for indies.

    @Mike: I believe the execution of a plan is much more important than the plan itself. Even if you would have the greatest plan in the world… it won’t do much good unless putting the plan in action is done properly. The poorest or simplest plan in the world – if executed properly – will get great results. I expect to refine our plan, until we reach those goals.

  3. The $100.000 figure, is it purely an example, or is it really your goal with Edoiki?
    It seems like a lot, especially the number of downloads needed! Nice article btw.

  4. Good article. I read it yesterday.

    It could have more on creating a online ‘buzz’ for your game. Forums, blogs, writing for Gamasutra ;-) That sort of thing. It’s an cost-effective way to get publisity in terms of dollars.

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