Meat Eaters in a Vegetarian Cafe

Finland won the Eurovision 2006 song contest. Monster Rock band Lordi‘s song Hard Rock Hallelujah got the greatest points in the history of the contest.

It’s okay to be different, innovation is what indie games should be all about.
The band members wear scary costumes and that’s part of their act. They do different music (“too rock for pop people, and too pop for hard rock people” they say) and wear different costumes. Indie games could do that. It’s possible to clone some popular casual game, but I think indies should strive for originality. Big studios let the markets decide what they do, but we indies can look for niches and search for opportunities in smaller ponds… and we can decide to do games that people have never seen. Lordi proved that more different music can be winning – I’m sure we indies can prove that more different games can win as well.

“You know, we are meat eaters in a vegetarian café,” said Mr. Lordi when asked how the band feels to be in Eurovision.

Yet, they won.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. we finally did it! i’m from finland and i found this site with google.

    Lordi is a good band! not just that song Hard Rock Hallelujah!
    there is many many other brilliant songs.

    go and check it :D

    i’m sorry becouse of my bad english :D i learn it in school.. have learned just few years :P

  2. He he, it was so funny, when they crushed all those reincarnations of Barbie and Ken ;) I think they gathered points not for being great band, but rather because voters wanted to show that they are bored with all that pop trash that we see on Eurovision every year. Anyway, it is a good sign for anyone who thinks that mainstream != fun :)

  3. Lordi rocks!
    They aren’t really original in the metal world but they are in the mainstream world. So it’s a good comparison to the games business. It tells us we can make it.

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