The First Mistake to Avoid When Your Game Is Not Selling

When people put their game online and start selling it without success they first think about the price. That’s the number one mistake. If your game doesn’t sell with price tag of $20, it won’t sell at price tag of $10. Do NOT drop the price of your product and wait it to enchance your sales.

It won’t.

Instead – focus on other issues, such as promotion or your product quality. Polish your website and make a better demo. Ask fellow developers for hints and do what suggested. Don’t decrease the price of your game. Increase the quality of your game.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. That is completely false. I experimented with different pricing and some games that weren’t selling anymore, resumed selling at $9.95.

  2. A dropped price doesn’t make anyone thing “Oh man, what a great deal now”. It makes them think “What is wrong with this game that it has dropped the price.”

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