“What’s Stopping You?”

When I considered launching gameproducer.net for bringing game development ideas, hints and tips I had few doubts about it. I wondered whether my English (as a Finnish guy) would be good enough, I wondered whether I would have time and I wondered if having “another” site for game development would be such a good idea. I postponed the decision and asked my friend to whom I explained my thoughts.

His simple response was: “What’s stopping you?”

He didn’t question my English nor didn’t have any other negative thoughts about the issue. He simply asked what’s really stopping me. And the answer was simple: nothing. Only my own doubts were stopping me, and in the end they were just excuses. I decided to launch the site. After writing for about 5 months there’s still lots of more to write about – and I’m enjoying this. It’s been a really positive journey for me so far, and the journey continues.

Do you have a challenge you are considering to do, but have some doubts about it. Ask yourself that simple question – and get real about the answer. Don’t make excuses. Ask: What’s really stopping you. In many cases it’s nothing but our own thoughts.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hah, C++ it shall be then, no arguing with that ;)

    7 breathes… that’s sounds bit like what happens in prototyping a game in a week. When you have only 7 days to make a prototype, you have to concentrate on the things that are important.

    Not a bad advice, must say.

  2. Oh, and I’ve almost forgot to say on-topic:
    There is an old Ninja’s rule to make a decission in a time of 7 breathes.
    Why that short time? Is it even possible to make any decission that fast? Is it really help to make a decission?
    I have to say: yes it does much! :)
    Because if you’re making a decission in time of 7 breathes, you take into consideration only those things which are the most important. You don’t pay attention to all those crappy little unimportant things that make your view unclear.
    And what if I can’t make a decission that fast?
    Well, the other Ninja’s rule say that more is lost by indecission than by wrong decission ;)
    I add yet another one: if you can’t decide what way out of two is good, that’s probably because both are equally good ;) If some of them would be better, then you should have been made decission a long time ago ;)

  3. If you are hesitating between C and C++, take C++ – it’s newer and more evoluted than C.
    If you’re hesitating between C++ and ObjectPascal, take C++ – it’s more compact and readable.
    If yoy’re hesitating between VisualBasic and C++… you probably know already ;) C++ is faster [it’s compiled, not interpreted] and has more applications [it’s general purpose language].
    If you’re hesitating betwen C# and C++ – yes, the same goes here ;) C++ has more community and tradition, more useful libraries were developed for years, and it’s not owned by any company.
    If you’re hesitating betwen Java and C++ – maybe you should toss a coin ;D Both are popular and usefull, but Java is semi-interpreted, semi-compiled [compiled to intermediate bincode interpreted by virtual machine] so it’ll never be as fast as C++ [directly compiled to machine code]. Java’s flag advantage is platform independency, but C++ offers the same faster if you use platform-independent libraries and there is a compiler for that platform ;) And lastly Java’s platform independency starts to be a mess [I’ve heard a comment that “Saying that Java is nice because it works on all OS’s is like saying that **** *** is nice because it works on all genders” ;)].

  4. Thanks for the kinds words guys.

    @Ashish C. I believe any programming language is okay – just get a gripe on fundamentals of programming. C++ is okay. I started with Basic, and it’s been more than helpful when I got into Javascript, HTML, PHP, C/C++, or different engine scripts.

  5. Your English is better than many native English speakers who write on the Internet! Keep up the great work!


  6. I really enjoy this website, and wanted to say thank you for all the positive and thought inducing posts. Keep up the great job.

  7. do C++. Nothing will help you communicate with and understand the challenges of coders better than knowing even a little about whats involved. It will make a BIG difference.

  8. I aspire to be a game producer and have just now begun my 3D Designing course at Maya Academy. What do you suggest I should add to it? C++ and what type of software. Your help would be gladly appreciated since most people don’t know what it requires to be a game developer since it’s not much of an industry here.

    Thanks. :-)

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