How to Please Everybody…

…or at least the majority, when two totally separate directions are wanted.

I made some more tweakings to the website in order to please as many people as possible. I got requests from people about the colors: some wanted blueish theme… some preferred warmer colors. I decided to do both.

I have put two links in the footer of gameproducer.net, now you can change the site theme by clicking one of the links.

Or simply clicking these:
click here to select the colder blue theme (ads won’t change color though)
click here to select the warmer yellow/orangeish theme

I realize that there’s still people who would wish to have different banner, or perhaps different links but now the biggest issue has been sorter. I know the current modification won’t please everybody… but hopefully majority of people like it. And hopefully rest of the people tell me how to make the site look & feel even better.

This very same lesson is very useful in life in general, business negotiations for win-win situations, game production, game development and especially in game design. There are often situations where two very different requests are made. It isn’t always possible to cater all the players, but I believe very many times there’s some middleground – something that will please both sides.

In this specific website case, I decided to have readers to choose the colors.

Feel free to give more feedback about the visuals… or about the site or articles in general.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Josh: well, it’s the old theme, uses old .css file. :) Only the header is different (no blue banner). I could add some blueish color to the top banner to make it look better.

  2. Actually, it doesn’t seem to work.. I mean it works, but what’s supposed to be the blue theme seems to just be a black and white version of the other (new) theme.

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