Traffic Statistics for June 2006

In June I put Google Analytics to check my website statistics. From now on, I will use it to measure the traffic. The only problem I have, is the fact that I cannot measure the number of RSS readers (which is quite high percentage) but I can give some kind of estimation for it.

In average, there were about 1000 page views each day, and bit less than 500 unique visitors each day. (Not including feeds). Awstat statistics showed around 5000 page views and over 500 unique visitors (including feeds). At 27th June, the technorati rank was: 20,060 (436 links from 108 sites). Last month it was 32,295.

The page view shows a great difference: 1000 versus 5000, so I’m going to build a small statistics software on my own and see what the real number is. Overall, the site has attracted new visitors, but most of the readers are the same that have read the site previously. I need few months more time for Google Analytics to give better information regarding the site growth. The technorati rank is a nice way to measure this.

Good to see people enjoy the site and find it inspiring.

Juuso Hietalahti