Why People Buy Your Game?

Do you know why people buy your game? Would you like to know?

The simple way to know the answer is to ask your customers. Ask what they made the purchase. Ask what they like most and what they dislike. You might get answers that you couldn’t think of seeing. If you haven’t asked before, do it now.

I don’t suggest spamming people many times in order to get answers. Instead, if possible – email only those who have opted for “send me information about your products” when they ordered your game. If you don’t have that information, then make a short statement in the beginning of the email and explain what you want to ask, and how much it will take their time.

When you have asked the question, you can rest assured that many of the customers are more than delighted to tell why they love your game.

After you’ve got the answer – you can use it to enchance your business strategy. If you know that your gamers like most about the ‘freedom’ or ‘challenge’ or other feature, you might want to use it that in your marketing. Perhaps you already are building a games around some specific niche, but lack the exact marketing message. Let your customers help you.

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. I don’t ask my players but they say sometimes why the bought my game.
    I have two categories of people:
    1. They bought the game in a rush because they got hyped on good feelings about the game and want to have quickly more of it.
    2. They buy it later, after some thought, because they want to support me or thank me for making the game.

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