Ask Game Producer: Dilemma… Using Word ‘Blood’ in Company Name

I previously wrote about how to name your game and some days ago I received an email about a problem with a company name. The suggestion contained name ‘bloody’ in it and I’ve changed the other part of the name to ‘Creature’. I bring this question up, because using word ‘Blood’ comes up now and then.

I have a little problem about choosing my company name. Do you think __ Bloody Creature __ is a good name for a casual game company? We put a lot of effort finding a different good name, but we always turned back to the first one.

+ Bloody Creature sounds very good
+ Actual logo is nice and a lot of people like it
+ it fits the theme of our last game
+ bloodycreature.com is available
+ we can change the logo with something that reminds a tropical cocktail
+ we are used to use it
+ I strongly want a creature-related name

– we plan to release a more casual-oriented game; so a name containing the word blood… not for all audience… less customer coming to our site?
– too long?

My first impression was that I wouldn’t use word ‘bloody’ in a company name, and especially not in a casual game. But… after thinking it bit more I’m not sure if that’s such a bad idea after all.

I don’t think portals are keen to have blood and gore in their casual games, but there are games such as Crimsonland which use blood & violence and do (seemingly) okay.

If you are planning to use ‘family friendly’ portals such as BigFishGames then using blood in game (or in company name) might not be such a good idea. On the other hand, if you think you have found your own niche (bloody games?) in casual game space – then why not? I’m sure there are casual gamers who want their games bloody.

In my opinion:
– Check out how to name your game for hints, maybe you find yourself other Creature than ‘bloody’…
– Think where you aim: do you want to aim for typical casual portals? Then using blood might not be the best idea (but this is purely my opinion – I’m not deciding what kind of games get accepted)
– But if you want to aim in not-so-typical portals, and want to use blood & gore – then the company name is more than okay.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Bloody Creature is an awesome name for a company. It really stands out, it’s a teeny bit rude (but in context, completely harmless). Sticks in the mind. Like Wii.

    I’d use it. And I’d be more willing to visit a website of a company called “Bloody Creature” than “Impressive Games Ltd”.

    Do it.

  2. @Troy: that’s true… although keeping ‘everything open for the future’ might lead to problems in focusing today.

    @Peter: Why so hostile names… how about Cute Zombie or Friendly Zombie ;)

  3. Another thing to point out: if you don’t care about family-friendly games at this point and decide to use your “bloody” company name, but later decide you want or need to be more family-friendly, then you’ll have a problem. It will be very expensive later on to change your company name, and you will lose whatever name or brand recognition you have achieved up to that point.

    I would seriously recommend selecting a less controversial company name that you can continue to build on, no matter what direction you decide to take your company in the future.

  4. @Mike: yep, I know – the original name (that the guy asked) is NOT bloody *creature*, it’s bloody SOMETHINGELSE.

    The suggestion contained name ‘bloody’ in it and I’ve changed the other part of the name to ‘Creature’

  5. //+ bloodycreature.com is available

    I bet someones registered it now because of this post ;)).

  6. Don’t forget, in the UK ‘bloody’ is considered a mild swear word ;)

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