News: Edoiki Progress, Interviews & Other

Edoiki – secret project news
Our secret game – Edoiki – project has got some new ideas about 3D hand “mouse cursor” which will have several animations such as ‘handshake’, ‘tapping board’ etc. I’m still trying to pester our 3D modeler to actually do the hand. Or the animations.

Our 2D artist Penguinx has done few more concepts which I haven’t seen yet, but I have high hopes for the concepts. We also have had email discussion about the music & sfx that will be used in the game, and I have got an offer about in-game voices which are yet unsure on how they would be used. But such a cool idea just might get in…

The actual game play is tested (with physical game cards & unit pieces) and I accidently found an interesting ‘combat mode’ which could be used to have really fast paced matches. The game balance is probably the hardest part (changing the board in this kind of game immediately affects on unit powers), and will be tweaked along the way.

Soon (read: some day in the future) we will add screenshots and more game info on the game website. The community forums will be available when the beta comes out. For those of you who are interested in joining the game testing, check out edoiki.com and pre-order the game. That get’s you access to the beta & final game when it’s released.

GameProducer.net upcoming interviews
Readers (that would be you) were pleased to see the Gavin Carter / Oblivion interview, due this gameproducer.net will be conducting several other interviews in this month.

  • Scott Miller (3DRealms, CEO) interview will be put online within a week or so. I just need to get few answers from Scott and it’s ready to be published.
  • Raymond Holmes (Game producer / lead designer of Bloodrayne 2) contacted me and offered his help. An interview with him will be conducted and published within one or two weeks. If you have questions you’d like to ask from Raymond, feel free to tell them by commenting at gameproducer.net.

GameProducer.net sales stats…
I got a very interesting question regarding ‘sales that were made through gameproducer.net’. I don’t know the answer yet, but Pavel (OceanDive game/screensaver) reported the following:

In fact, as of now we received a just little above 100 visits from people clicking on the links in your article and your site’s front page, so even if your typical audience followed the 1.4% conversion rate rule, the one copy we would sell this way statistically would not be very visible.

They revived one publisher discussion (but Pavel wasn’t sure whether this was due GameProducer.net sales stats or not) but in the end he added:

In any case, I am glad I gave you the data, every little bit of publicity is good thing

I couldn’t agree more. It’s great to hear these sales numbers from indies all around the globe. (hint: if you have some sales stats you’d like to share, please feel free to contact me)

More to come
There is now 189 entries at gameproducer.net and every day, a new short article is published. Thanks for reading, hope to see you here in the future as well.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Thanks for sharing some of the development process with us. I hope you can get in more details as the project advances or when its completed!

  2. Cool to see new interviews. I hope you didn’t ask Scott for any release dates. :)

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