Target Market Analysis for Adventure Games


I’m trying to develop my first project and am having trouble locating demographics information to do a market analysis to develop a game plan from. In a business course I took in college, it was stressed to do the analysis first, to determine who buys and what they would buy.

I am leaning toward the adventure genre, PC platform, 1st or 3rd person perspective, and a point-and-click interface, which leaves only theme and graphic style which are dependent on market analysis.

Do you have any ideas, can point out 3-5 successful games (with similar theme, style of art, etc), or provide a starting point to work from.

It will be much better for both of us, if you do the analysis – so I won’t point out successful games, but I can provide some kind of starting point for you to work from.

[1] The Adventure Games Company is a very good starting point for checking out what kind of games there are, and these games can give you insight on what kind of games could sell. Maybe you even might consider publishing your game through that company.

[2] The second place to go is JustAdventure.com, the site gets over million visitors monthly and has a great number of information about different adventure games – and even independent views on the issue. It also lists their ten top casual games where you can spot games such as Prime Suspects.

[3] I’ve written about the demographics in the past, so check out my previous post about: Sales, demographics and usage data. That might give you some information regarding your target market.

[4] Orange Brat kindly suggested several other places to go: Adventure Europe, GameBoomers, AdventureDevelopers and Adventure Gamers (another great place). Thanks for the great links O.B.!

After you have gone through all the sites, you still might want to consider prototyping the art: gather a number of people or post ‘feedback wanted’ threads in some forums. Give people some different theme pics to choose from, and let them help you. Bear in mind, that these boards are filled with game developers rather than pure players (so they might have different way of thinking compared to those who only play games). But still, they can and will help you choose the best theme.

Good luck with your game.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. We have made some games, we want to get them out on public for playing, what is the best way?
    Thank you

  2. Another excellent site to check out is Adventure Gamers: http://www.adventuregamers.com/ They’re a bit more on top of things than Just Adventure. Other sites of note:

    Adventure Developers – http://www.adventuredevelopers.com/
    Adventure Europe – http://www.adventure-eu.com/
    Gameboomers – http://www.gameboomers.com/
    Quandary – http://www.quandaryland.com/

    Unless you’re wanting to develop your own engine, there are a number of free or inexpensive dedicated adv. game engines and/or authoring packages available:


    If you’re wanting to go the 2.5D route(realtime 3D objects on top of 2D prerendered backdrops) then Wintermute is your only option from that list. The rest are all kinds of different flavors of pure 2D. If you want to do a full realtime game, then the sky is the limit:


    I’m using Conitec’s 3D Gamestudio, and it’s more than capable of pulling off realtime adv. games with swooping cinematic cameras such as Ankh or the Bone games

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