Free Advertising For Your Game

One of the thing that’s stopping new people from selling their game are thoughts such as “the game is not good enough”, “it’ll never sell” or “the next game will be better and sold”. This is why I’d like to show you gameproducer.net readers, that there are lots of different kind of games that are being sold – and that your game can do the same.

For developers, this means free advertising for your game.

If you have developed a game then:
[1] Either contact me or comment to this post.
[2] Include direct download link for the demo to your comment/email
The only requirements for your game are: it must be a game that you/publisher is currently selling and it must work on PC (Sorry, I don’t own a mac).

I’ll check all the games, and give them a mini review (game download link, description, my comments about the gameplay, and some additional information) in the gameproducer.net blog. I’ll reserve the right so ignore some games if they don’t fill the requirements, or are some way not suitable for review. (Last week site got 5,325 direct unique visitors, and 13,766 page views in the website, and about same number of RSS readers, so the review will get you some publicity).

Only one game per company/team, so – don’t post all the 700 games you might have. Pick your best one.

…and I’ll receive the rights to end this offer when I get the first 10-20 games reviewed.


Juuso Hietalahti


  1. !!!OFFER ENDS!!!

    Alright, I’ve got enough demos to test, so this offer is now officially closed.

    @Thomas: Unfortunately I don’t have Pocket PC, so your Cavemen (which looks nice, do’h) won’t be reviewed.

    I start checking out the games…

  2. That’s a very generous offer…and quite timely! I just made my game public today!

    My game is called the Zen of Sudoku and can be downloaded here

    You can see screenshots and read more about the game here.



  3. Void War
    Dueling in spacecraft in 3D, first-person asteroid fields, in and around space stations and hypergravity wells. Play in one of six unique spacecraft through a tongue-in-cheek campaign, or play friends (or enemies) online in multiplayer team or free-for-all blastfests.

  4. Yes, a great idea, and the gesture is highly appreciated.

    A game I have developed for Mac and Windows is KGA Golf.

    I concentrate more on the Mac version because the Windows version have never sold very well… but I would like to hear your thoughts about the Windows version.

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