Promote Your Game With Software Submissions

One of the promotion methods that an indie game developer can do is to submit your product to different software sites. Doing the job manually can be extremely time consuming process. Luckily, there are alternatives to doing it completely manually. Even though the impact of download site submission has less meaning today than it had some years ago, they are still viable promotion channel besides portals or press releases. Submiting to major download sites and software sites leads to sites linking to you, downloads – and eventually in sales.

Major software submission sites
It’s hard to pick the best download sites, but indies generally seem to agree that submiting your game to download.com is a good idea. I think the same, so I recommend you to check the site.

Software submission tools
Besides manual submission, you can also take advantage of submitting your game to hundreds of different software sites. Submission tools can help you to do the job.

Develab’s PromoSoft offers a fully automatic software submission tool. It’s said to be fast & accurate software submission. They say that site submission to hundreds of sites won’t take more than 15 minutes. We will definitely consider this tool to use in our game releases.

Accusolve’s Shareware Tracker is a gret tool for submitting shareware – it still requires time to do, but SWTracker makes it bit easier. We bought and used the tool in the past (before I knew about PromoSoft), and it’s simply nice if you want some help in doing the submission.

Rudenko Sofwater’s RoboSoft is another submission tool. I have tested the tool, but didn’t like the way the submission was done. SWTracker simply looked and felt better for us, so we chose that in the past.

Software submission services
If you don’t want to do the submission by yourself, there’s also the option to use services by other people:

Glimmer Games offers a software submission service with a very low cost price: $29. If you don’t plan to submit your game several times (for example: when announcing new versions) then this is definitely an offer worth looking.

Rudenko Software offers also a site submission service that has a variety of details and a big list of shareware sites. The price is quite high ($70 for one promotion program) – with that price you could almost purchase a submission tool and do it yourself – or purchase GG’s offer 2-3 times.

Bottom line
I definitely recommend submitting your software to download.com. Ater that, depending how much control you want, use either PromoSoft or Glimmer Games to submit your game to hundreds of software sites.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. It should be noted that Rudenko’s submission service lists over 800 sites while Glimmer Games has approximately half of that. I haven’t used either service so I can’t comment on them further.

    One other little hit, for people releasing their first game, it might be a good idea to have a service do it. They have experience putting things together and you could learn a lot by watching what they do. Then you’d be in a better position to decide if you want to handle updates and other games yourself.

  2. @Twist: Good point. I admit I’m looking this information from PC point-of-view. Thanks for the tip. Mac users should also concentrate on getting in front page of Apple.com

  3. Download.com is a good site but if you are releasing a Mac only game or a game with a Mac version then you will want to submit your game to VersionTracker.com as well since this site is much more popular among Mac users than Download.com. VersionTracker.com also has sections for Windows and Palm software but to my knowledge the Mac side is where most of the hits come from.

  4. Years ago you did get relatively much publicity just by being visible on download sites. These days they are very crowded, and people generally download straight from the source.

    If you rely on download site publicity, then you should consider those paid programs that get you more visibility. Some are really just a waste of money (time on top of the list until someone else buys the same package), but a good model is to pay for downloads or even buy button clicks.

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