How to Get Rid of Spam

Some time ago I received maybe 400-500 spam emails, and another 400-500 spam blog comments every week. That’s almost 1000 spam messages each week. It took me several minutes each day to go through the spam and delete them.

When I got tired this, I started looking for a solutions.

The solution against email spam
I found a simple program inside our webhosting cPanel: SpamAssassin. The configuration was very simple (had to click few buttons) and that was it. After installing the system, I receive only maximum of 1 or 2 spam emails any more (I use mild configuration… because I don’t want to miss anything important) per week. The solution works very nicely.

Important hint: read very carefully on how to install and test the software – and do not get yourself blacklisted with tests.

The solution against blog spam
After solving the email spam, I needed to get rid of blog comment spam as well. I went through several options, and finally ended up using: Spam Karma (WordPress plugin). The system works like a magic – even when I use mild configurations. So far I’ve seen only 3 comment spams (one of them was made manually) getting through within a weeks time.

So far I’m very pleased with the systems: setting them up took maybe 30 minutes, and I’ve already saved several hours of time, which can be used to more productive issues rather than fighting against unsolicited email.

4 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Spam

  1. blog comment spam is out of control these days! it’s insane. i use akismet for my wordpress blogs and it works great.

  2. I just setup bad behavior on my blog. It seems to be working, although spam still gets through in a trickle. I will wait until tomorrow to see how effective it was.

    I’m also thinking of combining it with Spam Karma 2.

  3. HA. How about 5,000 spams a DAY… after SpamAssassin (at 4.0 rejection) is through with them?

  4. But ensure you regularly clear the spam box on the server as it’s getting full :)