SmartFTP – Nice & Simple FTP Tool

Some people have asked what kind of FTP software I use, the answer is this: SmartFTP. It’s free and secure FTP client for Windows. I like the user interface, which is nicely designed. I like the price (meaning: free) and I like the properties it has. SmartFTP is simply nice and simple FTP software for uploading & downloading files to your webhosting server.

5 thoughts on “SmartFTP – Nice & Simple FTP Tool

  1. MarkSide

    Filezilla is great – I used to use SmartFTP, but ran into a bunch of problems whenever I’d try to upgrade to the latest version. Filezilla Just Works ™, is free, and open-source so it’ll never completely go away. Good stuff.

    (Oh, and of course Windows’ built-in command-line FTP client works just fine in a pinch, too…)


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