List of Firms That Will Fund Game Development


I was wondering if there is a directory/list of firms that will fund game development. I have an original concept plus the application of existing technologies that have not been applied to the gaming industry. Thanks.

The simple answer is: There isn’t one. (At least I don’t know any)

Usually indie game developers fund their game themselves, without the support of external options.

Some opportunities:

[1] JoWood

[2] 7 Witty Tactics for Funding Your Game Production

[3] Review Indie Marketing Plan, section 2 especially. Those firms might help you.

[4] How Do You Get Your Game to Market might also give you some hints.

[5] Investors. Check out your home town – there might be organisations that help out startup businesses to operate. One of their task is to find potential investors for your project.

This was a great question, thanks for the opportunity to answer.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Actually, it’s a pretty easy question – a “publisher” will fund game development for an interest in the game (???)

    There are plenty of publishers in casual games, like Pop Cap, PlayFirst, Alawar, Big Fish (studios), and Game Trust.

    If you look into it you’ll find that most of the bigger casual game development shops will also publish a game from a different developer – providing valuable advice as well.

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