Challenge #4: Summer Vacation


That’s it folks. I’m going to take one month summer vacation and enjoy the nice weathers of sunny Finland. I have written posts for the July, so gameproducer.net will continue giving hints & tips every day. I will log in now and then and check out comments, but won’t be responding (so often) to emails. I’ll get back to business in August.

The 4th challenge is: I challenge you to take summer vacation and stay away from computer (at least one week, and some days). And no, you are not allowed to watch TV either or play consoles. Go out, swim and enjoy the summer.

I will do that, will you?

Let us know.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Oh yeah, I’ll be going for about 5 weeks. Still in the country, to a camping which I really, really enjoy. There’s a nice swimming pool and many kind of sports and bible-related activities :D can’t wait

  2. “Vacations are for the weak!!! ” Yes mine will be a week long, but I might take the laptop :-) Or at least a notepad…

  3. Have a nice summer everybody! :-)

    I’m going to visit Germany twice during the summer, so I guess I can beat the challenge ;-)

  4. Mine’s planned for August. Must finish current game before then! Plus cos I work at home I can go and sit in the garden whenever. In fact I gotta mow the lawn today…

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