GameProducer.net Future Plans

Big news, changes and extra is coming to gameproducer.net

Some of these might change… but basically, here we go:
[1] Insider Forums – where professionals can talk without the noise
[2] Contributing authors (articles from other game producers)
[3] New Sales stats (updated statistics for Democracy… and few other games)
[4] Kudos game interview with Cliff Harris
[5] Interview with Raymond Holmes, the producer of Bloodrayne 2 and Aeon Flux games
[6] Interview with Jeffrey Steefel, executive game producer of the Lord of the Rings Online
[7] New blog list page (will be moved from front page)
[8] New advertising options (getting rid of google adsense, and replacing the ads with indie/game/software ads)
[9] New pilar articles: guidance on how to produce games
[10] New front page with a portal look: will display latest gameproducer.net information in one page. Blog page will stay, but won’t be the first page.

And more. The blog will continue to be updated daily, and nothing will be removed – gameproducer.net will be the same place as it always been. But, it will get bigger and better.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @People: Blog will remain the way it is – I will just add a different front page (and if you want to go directly to the blog, instead of the front page you can do that :) which will tell people the main things in short and will give ‘first time visitors’ a better starting point about the meaning of the site.

  2. A portal is trendy, but I still prefer having the blog as the first thing I see. It’s really what I’m here for.

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