Very Simple Marketing Plan For Indies

I previously published a marketing plan for indie games, and some people saw that it might be too ‘official’ for starting indies.

So, here’s now the Very simple marketing plan for indies.

After you have chosen your eCommerce provider, completed your game, set price and finished your website you are ready to launch the plan.

Step #1 – Submit your game to download.com (Mac gamers might want to try get in cover of apple.com)

Step #2 – Send a press release

Step #3 – Submit your game hundreds of software sites (use services such as PromoSoft or GlimmerGames)

Step #4 – Announce your game at different discussion forums

Step #5 – Use great place to submit news

After you have done this: get feedback from your players. Update your game. Get blogs and reviewers to write about your game. Update your game more. Handle customer support. Do another game. Sell to your old customers. Then repeat.

Juuso Hietalahti