Reading Blogs is Useless

…if you don’t put the lessons you learn into action.

If you keep reading blogs, without ever really using the insight they offer, you are wasting your time. Maybe it’s fun to read blogs, but it won’t help you to get your game finished faster. Decide to get rid of the blogs you find useless or don’t visit them so often. Make sure you have some reason to read the blogs: maybe it’s business opportunities, maybe it’s for fun or maybe it’s because you want to learn something.

But one thing is for sure: if you never use the information you receive from the blogs you read, then they are useless. No matter how ‘good articles’ or ‘nice information’ or ‘fun stories’ they offer, it’s no use unless you decide to use them somehow.

Reading blogs is useless without any action.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. This is the most useless blog post I have ever read! :P

  2. If you stop reading this blog based on Juuso’s tip, does that mean that this blog is useful and you can keep reading it?

  3. Jesus Christ, Jusso! Careful! Half my traffic comes from your site; don’t tell them to stop reading useless blogs else they’ll realise mine contribues very little of worth to society and should get de-bookmarked…!


  4. A million dollar question:
    How do you use the information you read?

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