3 Reasons to Avoid Developing 3-Match Games

I don’t hate match-3 games, but I really think there’s more into game development than this genre. The reasons to avoid development of 3-match games can be summed up to the following points:

[1] The match-3 genre is filled with games. Is there space left for bringing another 3-match game in the market?

[2] There are plenty of better ways to make money than doing and selling match-3 game. Do few weeks or months some consultation work, don’t go into match-3 bandwagon.

[3] Indie games should be about innovations. We need more games with really innovative ideas. What we don’t need is another match-3 game.

Those of you who have done or are doing a match-3 game… there’s still hope: you can start working on another project.


Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Man, do I agree!

    I have worked on a match-3 type of game for some time and I agreed to do it because it had a twist and was about a topic no one ever considered. Still, this is not “what I want to do when I grow up”! ( I’m 37 ;) )

    While some people are still trying to milk the match-3 category, others create original games like Darwinia and utterly compelling smaller games like Alien Shooter and Crimsonland!


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