Don’t Show “Enter” on Your Website

If you have “enter” link in the first page of your website… get rid of it. The people have already choose to enter your website when they write the URL in the location bar or click a link pointing to your site. There’s no need for them to click again to enter your site.

People want to see your game screenshots, download the demo and learn about your games – they don’t want to click useless buttons in order to do that.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. In the matter of language choosing: why not use a content negotiation mechanisms? A little PHP script that checks the user agent preferred language setting and redirects user to an adequate part of your site ;)

  2. Agreed. Your landing page is supposed to grab the visitors attention – not irritate them. If the first impression I have of your site is minor annoyance at having to click through an ENTER link, we’re already off on a bad foot.

  3. Phil: That’s what bugmenot.com is for. Easy way to get around such annoyances. :)

    Jon Jones wrote a good article about this (about portfolio sites in particular). A recommended read, not just for those that need to create a portfolio.

  4. On my list of annoyances, this is up there with “please enter your email address before downloading”.

  5. As a Canadian, I agree with the Paolo’s flag comment. Too many Canadian websites have the first page asking if you want English or French. Some promise to remember, but that goes away when I clear the cookies. Most people visiting will be at least familiar with english. If you offer other languages, do it in a non-intrusive way.

    The only time this is kind of acceptable is the redirect page for a seriously multi-national corporation that has American, Canadian, European, and other branches that handle sales, support and other stuff independantly. Even then, this can be done in a more intuitive and less annoying way. Let me get to the stuff I want, don’t make me click twice (or three times) just to get to your main page.

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