Ask Producer – Browser based games sales stats?

I’m into browser based web development, do you have any sales statistics on browser based games, specifically RPGS? I’ve built quite a few games and am wondering what market I am looking at, going rates, sales and conversion rates.

No. I don’t have sales statistics on browser based games but I promise to put online any stats I can get. What I would like to add is that in my personal opinion, browser based games could profit quite well from advertising: selling ad slots that could be seen thousands of players each time they click icons would be a great place to advertise for some companies. The ones who would have free account would see all the ads. The ones that had premium accounts (which could cost them $$) would get access to ad-free site.

I have little experience with browser based games. If you want to suggest some games, let me know. I can ask sales stats from the sites you mention.

Update on 2009: Now we have sales stats available – proceed here for Domain of Heroes stats

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I respect the majority of what is said on this site, its extremely useful and I thank you for it. I do, however, think you have a bit of a mental bias toward ad-driven revenue. It could be argued that while ads generate nice short term revenue they’re counter-productive to the end of building brand loyalty. I’m basing that statement off of band promotion via MySpace, some friends of mine use that to powerful effect (building tour support fan clusters, selling merchanise and demos) and don’t use ads. The investment in aggregating future customers is more valuable, and a very fragile transaction, even if you’re spamming messages to people there needs to be a certian level of integrity so the audience feels trust. If you come off as aspring artists (or craftsmen, whichever you prefer) instead of a money-hungry buisiness you will do better.

    So the utility of a browser embedded game or demo is to get the player to invest themselves in the product and/or community. Its automatic penetration basically, you’re web page and you’re demo can be on in the same, getting you much better efficiency from spread to conversion.

  2. Dofus (community.dofus.com) is probably a good example. I don’t think they do ads, but they do have some sort of marketing system (premium accounts, merchandise, etc.). Their merchandise is pretty cool too (figurines, art books, etc.)

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