Do You Believe In Trees?

People sometimes ask: “Do you think a game like this can make money?” or “Can indies really make money?” or “Is windows software marketplace better than mac software marketplace?”

It’s fundamentally almost the same as asking: Do you believe in trees? Or which tree is the right tree to me? Are brown trees the best trees?

Why should you care what tree (if any) I believe? I’m sure you can heard professionals telling comments such as these: “this tree is the best tree – EVER” and “no, you cannot make trees like that in order to succees” or “You gotta start with a small tree in the beginning”.

That’s their beliefs. They might have data to “prove” that “this type of tree is best because it has solid branches and green leaves and that they heard that there was once a purple tree that was cut down immediately, so you cannot make purple trees”. They have great beliefs regarding the trees.

You do, I do, and the rest of the people also have.

In the end, it’s pointless to ask my belief regarding the issue. Naturally I can give my (hopefully educated) guess, but that’s it. I’m sure there are many professionals who would agree or disagree with me. And everybody would have “solid facts” to prove their points.

If I tell you “yes, those kinds of trees would sell well I believe” and you wouldn’t believe that, do you really think that only my belief can make you sell trees? Of course not. Similarly, if I say “no, you cannot sell those kinds of trees” and you are 100% confident that you could sell the trees with hard work and passion – then what does it matter what I believe?

No, I’m not suggesting building your tree empire without knowledge. Getting information is good.

My recommendation is: Find out what kind of market there is for trees (so to speak). Check download sites, check bestselling games, read magazines, ask professionals (yes, they can give good insight – but make sure to listen carefully about what’s being said, not who said it), ask players, ask your friends, create a market research, make a prototype – anything that helps you to gain the information you want. If markets shows a good opportunity for you, grap it. Make sure you test the branches, and if they feel solid then continue the journey.

Juuso Hietalahti