Sales Statistics: Asteroid Miner, Starship Tycoon and Democracy (updated)

I asked Cliff for some more sales statistics, this what I got from him.

Asteroid Miner
– February: US $17,97
– March: US $5.99
– April: US $29.95
– May: US $23.96

Starship Tycoon
– February: US $619.62
– March: US $671.58
– April: US $599.63
– May: US $621.64

Democracy (You might also want to check out the previously published Democracy sales stats)
– February: US $5206.76
– March: US $4,253.83
– April: US $3528.38
– May: US $5916.80

Democracy total direct sales: 3,050 units (in the year since release)


Thats before I take off the 10% credit card processing fee, and subtract bandwidth and other costs. It’s fairly static over this period. There was a bump at the start of June when Democracy was in a newspaper in Denmark, that led to a big spike in sales. The last big sales spike was the christmas one, due to winning the game of the year at gametunnel and the knock-on press from that.

Theres a few extra dollars coming in from old sales links to regnow, maybe $100 a month. Plus theres retail sales from some very old deals that average around $200 a quarter, and my portal sales in total earn me about $150 a month, a trivial chunk of the total.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Holy sacred cow carmen!
    Ain’t that the best publicity for indie business?
    I have a well paid day job but if I had such a little indie business on the side I could envision buying a big house.
    Congrats Cliffski!!!
    And IMO Kudos will probably sell at least as well as democracy.

    Now the question is how longer can these democracy figures keep so high and how long did it take to reach these numbers?

    I’m also a bit surprised about the portal sales, is the portal udience realy that hermetic to higher level games?

  2. No info on Kudos yet?

    I wonder if anyone is making any money with portal sales? Is it just the small casual games or what?

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