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Regarding casual games, it’s common to find ourselves lacking good sources about selling stats and the such. The best initiative so far is the ‘Sales Stats’ area on your website and for that I send you huge kudos as it is very useful.

However, I still lack any information about the sales curve of the typical casual / downloadable / try’n buy game. How long does a game sell? 2 years? And what curve would best describe the sales? Strong numbers at the beggining? Or a slow increasing rate until peak and then an equally slow decrease?

If you have any educated guesses on this matter, I’d be very glad to hear them. Hope you can address this sometime in the future.

Tough question. I don’t have enough data to say a solid opinion regarding this, but I do my best. “Average” is always difficult.

I will get some information for longer period of time and post them in the future. In the meantime, I believe some games keep selling year after year – even 10 or more years. Some see peak sales on “special” occasions such when your game gets featured on magazine, or gets in the frontpage of some major website etc.

Recently I posted some sales stats which you might find interesting. There’s also the game-sales-charts.com which might give you some information about weekly top selling games. Some of the games keep selling for weeks on top lists.

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. I made two seasonal games Xmas Bonus and Easter Bonus (see http://www.greyaliengames.com). These came out on two main portals just before the holiday they were aimed at and immediately started selling quite well. The peak was in the first week and then they continued to sell well for another 3 weeks but with sales tailing off. Sales were made after the first month but only in small numbers. Strangely the odd sale still occurs, for example I sold an Xmas Bonus in June! The primary peak is obviously because it’s featured on the front of the portals and lots of people buy immediately, others ponder a bit longer before buying. But once the game drops off the front pages of the portals sales plummet unless you game is “featured” or in the top 10 I guess.

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