Ask Producer – Where to Start?


Hello and thank you for your time. I was wondering if I can have your input on game development for indie game dev teams. Well I guess I can take my situation for example; I was thinking of starting a Game project from scratch. But I have no idea where to start. The project and plan is going to be built from the ground up.The problem is I have to start entirely from scratch. I mean I don’t even have a team put together. I was planning to start a collaboration between other indie game developers. Finding a means of funding is important but where is really hard. Is finding a local publisher most important right now?

I want to become a game producer. Right now i dont have any experience in the gaming industry. I will tell you where i exactly stand. I have a bachelors degree in Science majoring in Mathematics, from India and now i am studying at Academy Of Art University, San Francisco pursuing bachelors degree in Art (emphasis in game design)

I have taken classes like game level design, Unreal Scripting some Maya classes and texturing class. I definetly have some idea of how a game is developed.

But on top of that i personally feel and i know i have good management and buisness skills which comes naturally to me.That is the reason i want to get into production. What do you think i need to do right now to get into the gaming industry in the production dept.

I will write a more detailed article about how to start game development, but before I do that I give some information to use right now.

I believe the first thing to concentrate on both cases is to concentrate on developing your first game. Focus on developing a game. Learning and reading is good, but without action it’s worthless. Finding a team is not necessary in the beginning: just start programming your game, you’ll find the right team members later.

If you want to know how others are doing games, then start asking them and reading information about game development. Forums such as are great way to start. offers plenty of options for game engine, so you don’t really have to start from scratch.

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Good luck guys!

Juuso Hietalahti