Challenge #5: Game Ideas

The fifth gameproducer.net challenge is about game ideas. I tell my game idea as an example and you are free to participate. Some time ago I wrote about violence in games and mentioned that although I’m not much of a fun of mindless violence, I understand it can be efficiently used (such as in games like Hitman or Gibbage). Now I present one of my game ideas, which is is totally different – much like the opposite of Punisher, that was mentioned in the previous post.

Idea for a game: Gandhi
Those of you who don’t know Gandhi, I give you little introduction: he was a man from India and lead the country – hundreds of millions of people – to India’s independence without use of violence. There’s much more to say about this man, and those of you who are interested about him, I suggest checking the following material: Brief introduction to his life, Famous quotes by Gandhi. Book: Gandhi An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth. Also the movie about Gandhi’s life, named simply Gandhi is worth watching, although the movie is not as good as his writings.

I haven’t processed this game idea any further than to a level of thinking about the game scenes and philosophy behind the game. The core idea of the game would be to describe the life and events of Gandhi. The game would try to teach us that guns & killing wouldn’t be the only way to ‘solve’ problems – pretty much focused around his famous saying: �An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.� The game could use be presented as some sort of strategic, rpg and/or adventure theme: you could take the role of Gandhi and ‘lead’ the so called ‘troops’ to independence. The game could also present different paths and take situations that really occured.

Even though I enjoy seeing action & massive battles (like the ones that take place in Battle for Middle Earth) I believe this kind of very different approach could find its audience.

If you want to comment the idea, or tell us about your game idea, feel free to contribute to the challenge.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Another great idea for a game could be the possibility of having real time simulation of the elements of nature like the weather. Taking it to a next level, where a player could experience real time hurricanes, etc. With a good story i don’t know maybe a suspense/adventure like idea… there’s one already being made that was said to be released in 2008 called “Alan Wake”, but it wasn’t after all. The game was said to have caracteristics. Of course it was also said that it would that a very good machine to “roll” the game in “average” performance though.

    The game seems to be in development still…

  2. THe idea of a game: what about a Jet-li kind of character, with great game enviroment and story along with it… Your character is based in full-contact skills for defeating your oponnents in the story. Also you could have parkour elements as in many games of today we see them, like Assassins Creeed, or any other kind of 3rd person games.
    This is my idea…

  3. @colsen: There is a similar game already: “Icy Tower” ;)

  4. yer i was thinking u have like a certain amount of time to jst rack up points

  5. Very soon I’ll have a design document. If you want, I can send you a copy.

    Let me know.

  6. The parkour idea sounds great. You could actually put a little jet set radio to it as well, scoring points for different moves and letting the player combo moves together. Then it’s not just getting to a destination, it’s about getting there with style.

    You could have challenge levels where ala Tony Hawk you have a certain time limit to generate X amount of points.

    Another idea for a non-violent game is one that I’m working on right now (tabletop): an EMT game. Each player controls a group of private contracted EMT groups vying for a contract with the city. You assemble your team from various characters (each with ratings in technical skills, diagnosis, driving, and ability to stay calm under pressure) and race to the different emergencies to the city, getting points for each successfully treated victim.

  7. @Twist: Ah… parkour. Nice idea. It could be something like ‘Driver’ game, but only using your feet rather than cars.

    @colsen: Hmm… from parkour, to puzzle, to my kill zombies game idea :) For some reason I like those zombie games consoles have (but unfortunately you cannot find them for PC…). It could be nice to turn the puzzle & physics element into something like that. Maybe you could control a guy and get him through various ‘puzzles’… and naturally kill zombies while doing that. The multiplayer element could be there. It could be similar to those multiplayer missions that you can play on Battle For Middle Earth. It’s cool to cooperatively play missions and have different special abilities in each guy.

    Nice ideas guys – any more?

  8. My idea is pretty much just like Twist’s, but here goes…

    I really enjoy the puzzle elements of the new Prince of Persia games (Sands of Time, and The Two Thrones). Especially in Two Thrones with all the added moves the Prince has. However, the combat is very tedious and the puzzles never get very difficult.

    I would really enjoy a level based parkour puzzle game. It could be called Tower of Babel and the player would be trying to climb to the top of a huge decaying tower (for treasure, a princess, etc), parkouring all over the inside and outside. The game would focus on the challenge of getting from A to B over the many levels of the tower, increasing in difficulty at each level.

    The player wouldn’t have lives and would just start back at the start of the level if they fall off. All the levels of the tower are locked at the beginning of the game, and unlocked as the player reaches them. Saving is done automatically after completing a level, so the player can play any level they have finished or quickly pickup where they left off.

    A nice touch would be a simple level editor so players could make new maps. Perhaps a collection of insanely difficult levels would appear.

    Twist’s idea to make it multiplayer is fantastic.

  9. Okay here is a combat free idea for you. In the latest Tomb Raider game I found that I had the most fun just figuring out how to get from point A to point B and then successfully doing so using Lara’s various gymnastic and climbing skills. So my idea is for a parkour game pretty much but one that isn’t exclusively confined to cities (like Free Running appears to be). Also I think it would be fun as a multiplayer title where the players start at the same point and end at the same point but have a number of various paths they can take to get there.

  10. I really like the idea of David Braben’s latest, The Outsider. Seems like he’s trying to encourage you to think of the consequences when you shoot someone, and get out of the old gaming habit of firing on everyone.

    Shooting as a very last resort actually really appeals to me; once AI is strong enough to suspend disbelief and build tension, I think it’s actually the way games will go…

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