Experimenting Offline Promotion (Part 1/2)

I’ve made plans to promote gameproducer.net using offline promotion methods: grayscale print material. This has been on my to do list for a while, when suddenly I realized that I need to start this campaign today.


This why:

Neste Oil Rally Finland will take place here, starting today.

My plan is this:
– I’m not going to afford colored print ads, so I’m going to stick with gray scale prints.
– I’m going to beat competing ads by using big font displaying GAMEPRODUCER.NET. I plan to use half of the space just to show the site name. The idea is to make sure people can see the web address even from far away, and big size might be able to compete even with color ads.
– I will put light grayscale background, to make the look bit better
– There will be short description about the site for those who are interested enough to read it closer.
– Language will be English, not Finnish.
– I haven’t thought about the exact number of prints, but I will stick them to local bulletin boards (where ‘organisations announce’), big car markets (where lots of people buy stuff) and local shops (where hungry rally people will visit). If I find other proper places (like libraries), I’ll probably stick some prints there as well (with permission of course).
– I’m going to finish the prints today, and start delivering them today.

If you have ideas for places that might be good to show the prints, I’m open to ideas.

This is the first part of this experiment. In the next part of this experiment I’ll inform how the promotion went (whether I got permission, how much time it took, how many new visitors arrived).

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I really suggest that you check with your printer to see how much a two color job would run you. Color is much more effective at drawing attention than size is.

  2. Coincidently, this weekend we’re starting our offline promotion for our kids site http://www.speeltijd.net . We have made 100’s of small flyers with the URL and some info and logo, and a couple of larger ads. These will be distributed at a neighbourhood kids party and BBQ, visited by 100’s of people in our target audience! :)
    If possible, I think small flyers with the URL are better than a few big ads. People tend to forget URL’s (I know I do), but when they see their flyer at home, they’re more likely to check the site out.
    I hope this will have a measurable effect on visitor stats, and get word of mouth going. Results will be posted in my blog :)

  3. Use the free university printers. :D

    I don’t see how rally viewers could be interested in game producing. If you’re really aiming your marketing at them, then the main event area at Lutakko should be your goal.

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