Blogs Roundup #1 – How to Get Your Site Appear on GameProducer.NET

If you want your site appear on GameProducer.NET, read this post and follow the instructions.
Now and then I get asked whether I could mention someone’s blog or website here. Unfortunately my time is limited, but I think I found a solution that provides a win-win-win solution for me, you and to the other readers.

Only quality blogs with interesting content will be accepted.
I shall start presenting interesting blogs that link to GameProducer.NET. I will check the Technorati ‘who is linking here’ list now and then, I shall pick the latest blogs, and mention them here – in case they prove to be good. This system has 3 advantages: readers get information that might be interesting to them (I will hand pick each site, and as the Technorati provides the latest updated blogs it will keep away sites that never get updated), linkers get a high PageRank link and publicity from GameProducer.net with over thousands of regular reader each month. And of course I benefit by getting more links to gameproducer.net.

If you want to get your site displayed here, you need to do the following:
[1] Very important: I will only mention the links on top of Technorati list.
[2] You must have a blog at least partially related to gaming or game development – something that GameProducer.NET readers would be interested in.
[3] You must place a link to gameproducer.net (here’s direct HTML code for you: <a rel="nofollow" href=”http://www.gameproducer.net”>GameProducer.NET</a>). It doesn’t matter where you put it, or how many times you mention it. You can put a permanent link, or mention GameProducer.NET in your blog post – whatever suits you.
[4] I suggest you to claim your blog to technorati and ping them when you post new entries. This is to ensure that Technorati picks your blog, thus increasing your chances to get linked from GameProducer.NET.
[5] Notice: I won’t mention sites that don’t provide useful information – spammers, don’t bother.

Tips on increasing your chances to get mentioned
The more you update your blog the better chances you have to get displayed on top of Technorati list – and this will give you better chances to get mentioned in my blog. Make sure your blog meets a certain quality – that’s what we want.

Fine way to increase your visibility (and increase your chances about getting mentioned) would be to mention this blog roundup in your blog, and trackback to this post. (Read a Trackback tutorial if you are unfamiliar with them. Here’s a handy trackback tool in case you need one.)

Now – the first roundup of blogs that link to GameProducer.NET.


Juuso Hietalahti