GameProducer.NET Website Version 4.0 is Online

GameProducer.net is updated to 4th revision. This time with brand new visuals, new layout, new header, new… lots of things. Check out the site, and find out by yourself. All the changes have been done to make the site look cleaner, to have better navigation, to help new visitors to get better idea about what this site is all about. Also returning visitors are noticed by making the navigation and menu links cleaner. I think I’ve found a nice balance with this – although I accept criticism and comments regarding the new site.

I’ve got brand new visuals, and I’d like to give thanks to Olive Derouetteau. He’s great artist, and the stuff I’ve have had chance to use is simply great. Check out this guy’s website as well.

I’ve made several changes to the layout. First I’ve removed the ugly links from the header, and put four nice images with descriptions on top of the page. Now you can read the introduction, look at the sales stats and interviews, and finally check out the money aspects. I think this sums up pretty well what game production is all about: from game development to making money. Check them out: introduction, sales stats, interviews and money.

I’ve made a conscious decision to put ‘recent posts’ links on the top of the page – so that when you come to site, you can see easily what’s been written last. There’s also ‘back to top’ in the end of each post: After you’ve read one post you can easily get back to top, and read another new post.

The sidebar has received major changes: I’ve taken ads away from it, and replaced them with other options (such as categories and archives). I’ve also put recommended money making programs in the bar, in case somebody is interested in additional ways to earn some money. Besides recommended money making tools, I’ve recommend some efficient promotion tools and proper webhosting solutions for game developers.

GameProducer.NET sponsors are located in a more visible place now. I’ve also made a media kit for sponsors and advertisers. There you can find information about who reads gameproducer.net, how much visitors the site receives and other related information.

New game producer forums
Another major change is the GameProducer.NET forums. I’ve set up private forums for serious game developers. To keep away spammers, and maintain quality discussion there’s one-time membership fee. Besides getting access to forums, members will receive sales guide, news announcement priviledges and get publicly listed (if they want) in the near future. For detailed information, read the info page about this.

And more
The search feature (on top of the site) is updated: now you can search anything in gameproducer.net and you’ll receive the search results in better format. The search is proudly powered by Google. Besides search, I’ve managed to put newsletter in bit better place.

Past & Coming up
This is the second article today, so in case you missed the last one, check out: Dealing With Deadlines. In the final end of this post I’d like to mention that interview with Jesse Smith (Firaxis – the place where Sid Meier works today…) will be put online very, very soon.

Watch this space.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @killarkai: Bear in mind… that people outside the developed countries can still put their game online and sell it to North America & Europe using $20 price tag… That means less than 3 sold copies to get your money back.

    And with the Insider’s Guide – you are sure to see those sales.

  2. “This fee is small enough for serious game developers to pay, but high enough to keep spammers away from boards.”

    $50 is a *hefty* fee for people outside the developed countries.

    $50 for a noise filter, that’s not a good enough reason to sign-up.

  3. I also recommend people to join indiegamer.com and gamedev.net, there’s plenty of good discussion there. I would also recommend joining ASP ($100 per year)

    The forums is targeted to people who want to skip most of the noise that – unfortunately – some of the major forums have.

  4. Thanks for the hint, LMAO ;)

    50 bucks is a joke, Juuso.

  5. $50 to join your forum! Are you having a laugh! I strongly recommend people visit Indiegamer.com, it’s free and it’s not full of affiliate junk.

  6. Looks great, I really like it. You should check it in IE though, I’m seeing everything centre aligned.

  7. @Tobias: yes “recommended money makers” are affiliate referrals – but not all my “recommended…” are affiliates. And they work (some might simply take some time?) – tell me if something is not working (title perhaps?). It’s easier me to track clicks (rather than count on affiliates/others) when I use resource.php instead of direct link – that way I can get statistics about my website clickthroughs. (I would have put Google there as well, but unfortunately Google needs to use Javascript thing… so I cannot put it to my resource database).

    I don’t know what you should do for the sake of trust and openness: anybody that knows little bit about affiliates knows that there are affiliate programs with google/amazon and others. I’m suggesting the ones I’ve used & work for me. Previously I used direct links, but now I find it easier for use & track what’s happening as I can get statistical data.

  8. Nice update, I like it.

    I noticed that the links under “Recommended money makers” are not showing to where they lead. Instead there is “resource.php?id=x” and a redirect. Now, I’ll assume that this is done to hide the fact that you have a referral code (correct me if I am wrong, I apologize in advance) on the links. I just started a website of my own with affiliate links with ugly url’s that look just plain suspicious and was thinking of “hiding” the url’s. I decided against for the sake of trust and openness, but I would very much like to hear your rationale behind your choice. I am still debating which way is the “right” one.


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