Admit When You’ve Made a Mistake

This one change in my attitude has caused a tremendous number of positive things to happen in my past work, school, in game development, and in life in general. Some years ago I had a need to be right almost all the time, with not much room for failure or being wrong. I needed to “win” the negotiations and prove myself right. The biggest personal growth happened when I noticed that I’m allowed to make mistakes, and there’s no need to be right all the time. You can be right, and if you are wrong, you have the chance to correct your view. This opened a whole new world to me: now I’m free to experiment and if something doesn’t work I haven’t failed, I’ve simply find another way that doesn’t work – and I’m free to try something else.

Some days ago I wrote several money making posts and while some people liked them, and started using the advice, some people got irritated and expressed their concern about the future and quality of GameProducer.NET.

I admit and see now that I made a mistake by publishing similar money posts in a row. I personally think that the posts can be helpful, but the the timing was definitely wrong. In the future I’m sure I will tell about my experiences with different income generating opportunities, but I’m going to write them in a better way and publish them with better timing. I believe it’s much better to experiment things and make mistakes – that’s life what it is much about. A person who doesn’t make mistakes is unlikely doing anything.

What has happened to after this mistake? Did the site lose its loyal readers? Did I receive bad feedback? Did the site income decreased? Did the traffic went down with website rankings following? Did all kinds of bad things happened?


I received negative feedback, but as you might recall bad feedback is good feedback. Thanks to the bit… “angry” feedback I have a much clearer vision about where to go with GameProducer.NET. Thanks to the bad words I now have a better idea on how to write, publish, and help others.

The site traffic was not decreased, quite the contrary – I saw more visitors checking the site even when the site wasn’t updated yesterday. The site traffic ranking has not gone worse, no – it got better. The site income also made a small increase.

I might have lost some readers who think ‘the site quality has gone so low’. I hope all the best for every person who has published their statement – whether it was angry or insulting. All those have helped me to do better work in the future. The good thing about Internet is that you don’t have to read anything you don’t want. You can stop reading this site with one mouse click, and get rid of anything that bothers you. This website is no exception.

I’m thankful to have all you readers visit this site and find it some way useful: those of you who like the pieces of advice, I hope my tips can help you somehow. I would still to remind that don’t accept my words without criticism. As I’ve mentioned earlier: question authority. I want to have readers who think using their own brain: listen openly what I say, think about it, and test it to see if my hints work for you. Also those of you who disagree with me (and even if you disagree everything I say) it’s good to see my site is working for you as well: as a bad example how not to do games, business, or whatever you see me doing wrongly. I would still like to make a gentle wish for you: experimenting new things and being open to new ideas won’t hurt you. I don’t think there’s failure – there’s only things that work and things that help you to know what doesn’t work.

Admit if you made a mistake, and think ‘what’s good in this situation and how can I make things better’, and grow. That will help in all areas of your life: whether it’s game production, relationships or anything.

Juuso Hietalahti