The 5 Rules of Choosing The Right Webhosting Service

In the past years I’ve tried several webhosting services, and here are some rules for picking the right webhost for you.

Rule number one: You get what you pay for

There are plenty of webhosts that offer ‘great hosting’ with small price. Cheap and quality don’t come together in webhosting business. If you pay $20 per year for a webhosting service, don’t count on your site being online every day. Don’t even imagine it to be fast. Some people go for the lowest price, get disappointed and try other service with cheap price. Over and over, getting nowhere.

Buying cheap hosting, gets you poor quality. Spending few bucks more per month will help you to get better service.

Rule number two: There is no unlimited bandwidth

Some web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth for a low price. These providers are overselling. They fill their servers with hundreds (or thousands) of accounts without giving anybody any limits. It’s quite similar to what would happen if there would be no rules in driving cars. What would happen if there were no rules in car traffic? Crashes. Lots of crashes, and nobody couldn’t get anywhere. Don’t pick a webhost that offers you unlimited bandwidth.

Rule number three: Avoid companies with ‘the best’ or ‘the most reliable’ servers

Some companies say that their offer the fastest or the most reliable servers in the world. There are millions of servers in the world, and more coming online every minute you spend reading this text. How could these companies measure that they really are the fastest? In no way quite likely. These companies are propably telling lies, avoid them.

Rule number four: Get what you need today

Some people buy a really fast (and expensive) dedicated server “in case they need it some day in the future”. It’s different to prepare for week or month in advance, but don’t make the mistake to purchase an expensive upgrade because your product is almost finished and you need to “prepare for the launch”.

Upgrading is easy. Think what you need now (or within one month). Start with a smaller package and upgrade it to faster if you need one. Reliable web hosting providers are glad to help you to upgrade.

Rule number five: check before you buy

Webhostingtalk.com is an excellent resource to learn about webhosting and read reviews. Make a search with “review” and you’ll find plenty of articles and user experiences with different web hosts.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Almost couldn’t find the comment button. Might want to reposition that.

    You do indeed get what you pay for. My provider kotisivut.com does provide unlimited bandwidth, and I’m extremely satisfied. They aren’t slow, and they provide the same service level for many sites a lot bigger than mine. Our need is of course only about 200 gb per month now, but it’s important that the provider can do a lot more especially when you’re doing a release, or get coverage in some major review site.

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