Use Pizza to Fund Your Game Development

Sponsors. They are surrounded by us, but not in indie games. I recently saw indiegamer discussion about a nice looking pizza game. I recommended them to check out if there would be some local pizza companies that could sponsor them. Perhaps there could be company logo displayed in the intro of the game, and perhaps the pizzas could be named after company or something.

The lesson here is this: sponsoring is something you can use to benefit. Think about companies at your city or in your country. Perhaps there could be some company that would be interested in getting their name mentioned. Maybe some candy company could be interested in your game using their visual elements?

There’s plenty of options – and as you know: you can’t fail by trying, you can only find ways that won’t work.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. A lot of Korean companies do this, I believe Kog (I could be mixing them up with another) has themed levels bought by corporations including KFC etc… This hasn’t been a very successful business strategy for large corporations in the USA so far. “Kart Rider” is another successful show of this, they feature mini-coopers that they sell for approximately 10 USD each to rent for 1 month.

    For the U.S. I think it might be possible to use local businesses, I certainly haven’t tried it, but I would suggest trying to think out how you can offer more sales to the company you are asking for sponsorship of. Also remember all those pesky legal issues of using logos, entering into a contract, etc…

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