How to Make a Business Offer

When you’re trying to get funding for your project, are hiring team members, want somebody to link to your website, or whatever it is you are trying to get, it’s important to think in terms of the other person. Don’t focus on what you want, focus on what they could get.

For example, if you are looking for some funding for your project and summarize your request “we need this much money in order to finish the game” it’s no wonder if you are getting nowhere. Instead you could show the potential money or reputation that the investors could get if they choose to fund your project.

If you want a new team member, you could show them how interesting project you have, show them a demo, and show them how fun it could be to work with your team.

If you want somebody to link to your website, don’t just ask people to link to you. Tell them that you would link back to them or that you would mention them in your blog, or whatever it is you could give to the other party.

Whatever it is you are after, don’t focus on what you want to get. Instead, focus on what you could give to others. After you’ve done that, the ‘get’ part comes naturally.

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