– Looking Better Than Ever

It’s only two weeks since I updated the visuals for, and now I made another change. I moved some links to the left menubar, so they won’t make reader harder (like in the previous version). I’ve also added the blogroll to better place (more visible now). Introduction and profit sections have been updated – among other things.

Thanks for everybody about the comments of the previous version, and recommendations for this version, hope you like the new site visuals.

5 thoughts on “ – Looking Better Than Ever

  1. DanMarshall

    Centred looks much better. It felt so odd having to strain my neck to look at the ;eft-justified one.

    Looks even more like, now. Why not go the whole hog and put some Gibbage screenshots up?

  2. Juuso Hietalahti Post author

    @Dan: I centered it… but I’m not sure if I am happy with it now ;)

    @Sam: Thanks! I didn’t notice the line. It’s fixed now.

    I don’t like to make it dynamic :) and btw… I need to write longer posts – that way the google ads won’t be so visible in the top ;)

  3. Sam Nova

    Did you check it in FireFox ? (Im using 1.5).. Ups also does it in IE6…
    The big TextLinkAdds on the right is a been overdrawn with a horizontal line, just before the “related posts”.. The line hits the sponsors, or maybe it is to underline sponsors ;) just a bit too close.

    Oh, and your google ads below the main body of text is way too high.. Only reason I bothered to scroll down was to check what was below the text link ads… otherwise people will just read the top part and go “Oh, google ads” and not check more.. I think ;)

    Oh, and why not make the width dynamical, looks like it was made for 800 in width !!

    Anyway, keep up the good work.


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