More Indie Games – Mini Reviews #2

Earlier I promised to do some mini game reviews. Here’s some of them:

Void War


Void War is a 3D, first-person space game where you blast moving objects. There is a multiplayer playing option available, but for some reason it didn’t work on my computer. The game looks okay, and is space themed. Those who liky flying spacecrafts and shooting meteorites will play this game.

Developer hints:
– Art is fine, but could be polished (maybe use less different colors, like in title bars or menu buttons etc.)
– The in-game instructions are great, excellent thinking!

Zen of Sudoku


Beautiful Zudoku game. Very relaxing and well done game for zudoku fans. The main idea is same as in Sudoku: Fill all empty squares so that the numbers 1 to 9 appear once in each row, column and 3×3 box. If you like Zudoku, then I’m sure you love this game. (Hint: it’s also inexpensive, only about $13 bucks)

Developer hints:
– I’d suggest adding buy link somewhere in your website (if possible).

Easter Bonus


As they mention in the website, Easter Bonus is a slick and cute game for those who like match-3 games. I think the game is well done, visuals, menus and so on are okay. I personally don’t like this type of graphics, but that doesn’t mean it would be bad: quite contrary. This sort of bit childish or cartoonish visuals fit nicely for this game.

Developer hints:
– Graphics could be polished.
– Maybe adding a bigger buy button in the menu could be useful (for trial versions)

Fashion Cents


Dress up dolls in this award-winning fashion game. I tried this game, which is nice – in case you like dressing dolls – but I think there’s some elements which would need to be added or changed to make the game better. I think this game definitely has potential (especially, if you do ‘paint cars’ version for boys…) to be an excellent game. I think there should be tooltips or better demonstration about how to get points. Otherwise it’s bit like random trying – even if you’ve taken a glimpse at the help information. For casual audience everything must be plain simple, right from the beginning. I recommend checking out my developer hints, and I also recommend people to try this game.

Developer hints:
– After installation there should be ‘Play game’ option. Now I had to start looking for the game… and found out that it was installed in directory ‘My game company’ instead of ‘Fashion Cents’.
– I would definitely add nag screens both in the beginning and in the end of the game
– Add tooltips or some very simple instructions (maybe introduce gradually new ways to get points) also in the game’s first levels

Laser Dolphin


This game’s developer put it quite nicely what the game is all about: “It has dolphins AND lasers. What more could you want?”. My first impression was bit slow downloading – I’m not sure if it hurts sales, but I wanted to mention it. Now – the game itself is nice side-scroller game, and it has dolphins and lasers. What strike to me first was the bit strange control: press SPACE to move towards cursor. Why not change space to right mouse button (or let people customize it) so that people can play the game with their mouse. I’m not a fan of this type of games, but I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with the game. I’m sure 2D shoot’em’up gamers might like the game.

Developer hints:
– Add Right mouse button moving?
– Check out competing side scrollers, and think of what are the best features in those games – then steal them, modify them, brainstorm to make use of the best features in unique way in your game


If you’ve got a Pocket PC then try out Cavemen. I know I haven’t, but nevertheless – here are the game links:



Blobbit Dash was an executable Jar file – when I tried to launch the game I got an error.


Developer hints:
– I recommend putting a readme.txt file
– Proper download links (no popups)
– Use free installer instead of .zip files.
– Show system requirements right at your website and also in the installer

End of roundup #2
That’s it folks. Feel free to try all these games, and buy them. These guys have worked hard to get pixels and polygons moving on your computer screen – whenever you buy any of these games, you taking another step to support indie gamers.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hi,

    I’m amazed you couldn’t get Blobbit Dash to work, I tried to make it as foolproof as possible!

    1. Unzip the file.
    2. Double click “blobbit dash demo.html”
    3. Enjoy =)

  2. Great thanks for the review! I might be able to give you some sales stats on this game soon if Indiepath is agreeable. To be honest, although the “pixel art” graphics suits the game well, I think the Indie market wants more plush looking pre-rendered 3D and/or hand drawn art. My next game has that sort of look and lots more polish so should be a portal success. Also as I was selling the game via portals, I couldn’t add a buy button in as the portals wrap the game. However, I may sell this myself next year. in which case a Buy button could be good idea. Thanks again.

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