Good Deeds Bring You Good Rewards

Armadillo Run

First I’d like you to check out this fascinating game: Armadillo Run. You can download a demo or buy the game right away.

The idea of the game is simple: you construct a level using building material to make Armadillo get to goal. The game is well done, and it’s fun to watch the physics in action – how the rails move, how the ball moves, and how to use your brain to solve the problems.

If you like bridge building games, or are a fan of games that use physics then check Armadillo Run. Game requires a PC running Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.

The game itself is fun, but I’d like to add a few tips for the developer:
– Add ‘buy button’ to game menu (for unregistered version)
– Add nag screens to both in the beginning and in the end of the demo
– With some website improvements (such as navigation bar on top, and some other things) I’m sure it could help you make more sales

Good deeds bring you good rewards
Now back to the topic:

One of the reasons I’m mentioning Armadillo is that I’m trying to give them back for what I got. Some days ago I asked newsletter subscribers about the reason how they found GameProducer.net and one guy said:

“I had (in the past few weeks) an email conversation with the developer of Armadillo Run. We were discussing about sales and he pointed me to gameproducer.net for the relevant set of articles.”

See how good deeds bring you good rewards even when you don’t expect them? I published sales stats, folks at Armadillo Run noticed them, somebody was looking for sales info and got directed to gameproducer.net. Now I heard about this and I’m recommending people this fine game. This is a situation where everybody wins: I win by getting traffic, the guy who got here wins because he found sales stats info, Armadillo Run wins by getting traffic, players win by hearing about a great game.

Now, does this always work like this? Is it so that you could be really sneaky and try to make good deeds to get good rewards. I don’t know – maybe some priests know better, but in my experience I have noticed that the more good things you give to others, the more good things come to you.

Now go on, visit Armadillo Run and get a copy of it. Spending few bucks on another fine indie game is crucially important for the developers. And as you know, good deeds bring you good rewards…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yeah it’s a really good game.
    Actually my favourite of this year.

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