Massively Multiplayer Online Games: Multiverse and Austin Games Conference 2006

Multiverse is a system that makes a revolutionary promise to Independent game developers: Make a complete Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) or virtual world for less money and in less time than you could have dreamed possible.

I have been watching the progress from their first steps and to me: it looks promising opportunity. If you’ve looked at the recent market survey, you can spot some market areas where indies could survice – using tools such as Multiverse.

Multiverse newsletter is available for registered developers for free, and it points out some interesting behind-the-scenes information for anyone who wants to make their own MMOG game:

Timed with AGC, we’re announcing some of our customers. We’ll also be showing off some of our customers’ screenshots and trailers. For those of you not in the private beta, you’ll finally see some of the worlds built on Multiverse. (And if you’d like to start building your world now, look for the article below about how to get fast-tracked into the private beta.) In our announcement next week, we’ll be focusing on independent developers. For those of you out there who work at fully funded companies, we have much love for you, too, but the really unserved need is in the indie market.

Our goal with the Multiverse platform is to make it possible for you to be, yes, independent in what you build. Instead of seeing more of the same, we’re looking forward to seeing innovation that would take the big game publishers years to get around to. We’re convinced the rise of the indies will lead to greater innovation throughout the entire industry. You’ll get a sneak peek at that innovation next week.

And btw – Austin Games Conference is here soon, and Multiverse is also present:

The keynote speakers at this year’s Austin Games Conference include Oscar award-winning producer and Multiverse advisor Jon Landau, Blizzard’s Rob Pardo, Dell’s Michael Dell, and Hugo award winning science fiction author Vernor Vinge, but we know you’re really waiting for the special presentation the Multiverse team will be giving, including trailers and demos from some of your fellow developers. Multiverse, one of the sponsors of this year’s Austin Games Conference, will be there in force, including participation by Corey Bridges and Ron Meiners in several of the Austin panels, and a welcome event for our developers in attendance (9 pm Tuesday night at the Hilton bar).

Check out Multiverse and check out also AGC.

Juuso Hietalahti