New Insiders

Three new game developers joined the Game Producer Insiders. Here’s the latest information from one of the new members.

Charlie Wiederhold, who works as an associate producer at Gearbox Software, decided to join the insiders. Here’s what Charlie has to say:

“Two weeks ago I started at my new role as Associate Producer on a title at Gearbox Software (still near Dallas, Texas like 3D Realms).

While at 3DR I had started as a level designer, then moved into programming after about 4 years on Duke Nukem Forever. After about 2 more years I moved into more of a Producer role. After 2 years of that (8 years total) I opted for a change and started looking around. After a pretty good amount of seeing what was out there Gearbox had the best thing going that matched with my career goals as well as what I’m looking for in a company right now.

Before 3DR I spent 1 year at Ritual Entertainment as a level designer and scripter on Sin. Before that I spent about 6 months full time and 6 months contract with Sunstorm Interactive doing addons for Build Engine games (Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Redneck Rampage). There I was a level designer, programmer, and psuedo-project manager/producer.

I’m still getting settled into Gearbox, but over the next few days I’m looking forward to contributing to some of the other questions you’ve asked in the forums so far. I think there is a valid need for a discussion place focused on the Producer aspect of game development… so I would like to see this succeed. :)”

You are warmly welcome to the Insiders Charlie!

Juuso Hietalahti