Zen Puzzle Garden

Those of you who liked Zen of Sudoku will like this game: Zen Puzzle Garden.

Zen Puzzle Garden has a simple, but brilliant idea: your player character – a monk – needs to rake grass and form shapes. There’s different obstacles such as rocks which must consider when solving the levels. Everyone who likes anything “zen” related are most likely interested in playing the game.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but besides the nice background music and sound effects I like the small graphics details: when leaves drop slowly down the ground, it’s amazingly relaxing just to watch them.

Developer hints:
– I’m addicted to watching those leaves to fall onto ground – excellent detail
– The new level editor / designer is a good tool for those who want to build their own levels
– Maybe some sort online high scores could be added?
– Maybe add more backgrounds or graphics, and let people customize the monk – this is far fetched, but just came to my mind.

People, now: Download demo or Buy

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. Looking for game that came with a computer some years ago. It was Zen Bones and played it on computer and it was a simple game, like, solitar, but can not find it as the games now or more action and movements. Do you know where I may purchase the dated Zen Bones game. Thank you

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