More New Insiders Joined

Two new GameProducer.net Insiders joined, which makes it five new members this month. Total membership count being 7 (including myself). I have great expectations for the Insiders forums and membership – and it’s great to hear that same message also from the members’ mouth. One aspect of the forums is that it attracts not just indies, but also people who have worked (or are working on) with AAA games. It’s nice to hear stories from both sides of the fence: from indies and from the ‘big world’. Insiders have different backgrounds – just take a look at their websites (nklein, Mike Acton, wieder, Indiepath and Mr. Phil) and you can find out what kind of mix we currently have. In case you missed the previous entries, I’ve set up a new Insiders category where you can find related posts.

The one-time $50 fee – strategy of focusing on quality – seems to work fine: it’s enough to keep spammers away, but small enough for serious indies to handle.

P.S. I’m adding a news sending feature on Monday: that enables Insiders to send news that will appear site-wide GameProducer.net…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. He has not posted yet – after he makes his 1st post in the forums his username & website link will be listed. (It’s automatic..)

  2. SO you’ve got 7 inc you, and there’s 5 listed over on the side bar, so who’s mysertious no. 6?

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