Other Blogs Roundup #3

The third roundup of blogs that link to GameProducer.NET

I would also recommend people to check out other blogs that link to GameProducer.net. There’s plenty of blogs from variety of topics that don’t deal only with game production or development. Like this for example.

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Mark: Hey, no problem. I like checking out sites that don’t directly deal with game development – but Negotiations are something that developers need to concern! I liked the counter offer responding post you made. That reminds me how ‘everything is negotiable’ – and I mean everything. Every so called ‘static’ price is just a matter of negotiating it to something else. I bet many indies can save lots of bucks for simply using that piece of advice.

  2. Gosh – thanks for linking to my site. (The one that has nothing to do with game production.) A pleasent surprise, even if it took me a week to notice :-)

    The reason, in case you’re wondering, that I’d linked is that your site has some interesting, sensible, articles about monetising blogs… coupled with actually having a blog that isn’t about monetising blogs (if you see what I mean.)

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