ppFonter – Take TrueType Fonts and Generate Bitmapped Images.

I run into ppFonter couple of weeks ago and didn’t have a chance to check out it properly. Now I’ve checked the system. Basically ppFonter does the following: it takes a TrueType font, and generates a bitmapped image.

I think the main limitation of this program is that it only generates bitmaps, not direct font code. There are engine specific font machines available that generate bitmaps and fonts. Naturally the strenght of this system is that if you only need bitmaps then this program is for you: it can generate bitmapped image from any font you might have on your computer. Basically this type of program can help you reduce development time and cost by saving work from artists.

The ppFonter comes with several other features as well:

* Ability to deal with zip archives containing TTF files, singular TTF files and system installed TTF files.

* Packs characters in texture pages reducing wasted space like other generators that use legacy grid spacing.

* Ability to set page dimensions. When generating a font, ppFonter will automatically create as many pages that will be needed to accomodate all characters specified.

* Drop shadow with independant opacity and colour setting.

* Three predefined character settings and the inclusion of user defined text.

* Supports drag and drop of various image formats to texture fonts.

* Font and background colour settings, random “I feel lucky” colour setting and scriptable presets using XML.

* Customisable export and preview plugins using the supplied SDK.

* Supports unicode, making asian localisation a few clicks worth of work.

* User defined text will only use the unique characters that you need, very useful for asian localisation.

* Supplied preview plugin will let you preview what a font will look like in its intended enviroment by just changing the background bitmap and the XML script.

Try the free demo: download

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Juuso Hietalahti