Eets! – A Fun Combination of The Incredible Machine And Lemmings

Eets! is a pretty puzzle game where you control a small creature, and solve levels. The music and art is very well done, and the gameplay is polished from introduction to all aspects of the game. For puzzle fans, this game is a must to test. They say that Eets is a combination of the Incredible machine and Lemmings and I partially agree. While it has some elements with Lemmings, it’s still different. It also has some elements with the Incredible Machine – but personally I’d say it doesn’t remind too much neither of these games – Eets is simply unique in its own way.

Developer hints:
– What can I say… the contests, puzzle maker all make the gaming experience excellent. Good job done.

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Just a quick suggestion for these posts: include a link to the game’s information page along with the buy and download links.

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