Names Matter – How to Ruin Your Business Proposal in 2 Secs

Here’s an important lesson number #1: Type correctly the name of the person you are contacting. It’s quite familiar to me to get emails that start something like this:

Hi Jusso, I’ve checked your website and it looks good. I’d like to offer you…

My name is Juuso, not Jusso. I personally don’t mind if people type my name wrong – I mean, we are humans and we make errors, but I bet there are lots of people who might think “How on earth this guy has the nerve to offer his services if he cannot even type my name properly?” It just might happen that your offer (whether it’s asking for a link exchange or offering promotion services) fails simply because you didn’t have time to check out how the contact’s name is really typed.

A brief update: Another not so important lesson – let’s number it #2: I’ve actually started to have ‘Jusso’ as my nickname. If you can’t beat em… join them.

P.S. “Juuso” – it’s pronounced bit like “you” + “saw”

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. This is getting ridiculous, so I’m closing the discussion for this entry. Sorry folks :)

    The main point being: if you are making a *serious* business proposal or having a *serious* conversation (yeh – something else than we practised here ;) then I recommend to double check those names. I personally don’t care, but some people do.

  2. Futhermore I assume it was intentional that you wrote @joo instead of at @joe in the 3rd comment right?

  3. Heh, this is funny, if you look at your last article, as I can see it begins with “Mice Acton recently gave…” Do you see something unusual here :):):) ?

  4. “ss” is very common is language whereas “uu” is not. When people read your name I would suggest that the unconcious mind is reading “Jusso” and not “Juuso”.

  5. Actually one day I thought about having – Juuso “not-Jusso” Hietalahti – in the end, but I presume some people (including myself ;) might find that … umm strange :)

  6. yeah, maybe your sig should be “Juuso (not a typo)”


  7. @Joo: Yes… that what I meant when I wrote “I personally don’t mind…” I don’t care if you’d use J or JS or whatever ;) After all, it’s just a name. Just wanted to point out that *some* people might refuse your offer simply because of this type of things.

    Lol – so my name looks like a typo right from the beginning eh… ;)

    @Aymes: ARgh.

  8. I wish my name was Jusso…

    Actually I wish it was Juffo…like Juffo-Wup from Starcontrol2…cool.

    uh..yeah, I also think you have a cool name :D

  9. If you have a name like Juuso, i wouldn’t get so down on people that mispell it. I mean, it looks like a typo to begin with. Like if my name was Jooe.

    Cool name btw.

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